Why Kubernetes may not be right for your next project

Kubernetes is a amazing platform to run your scalable workloads. It’s widespread adoption throughout the industry is undeniably justified.  However, there are certain instances where Kubernetes may not be the right choice for you. Let’s go through some of them. tldr; here’s a quick list of reasons: Cost of running a Kubernetes cluster Kubernetes is […]

Terragrunt Quick Start

Terragrunt is a tool that wraps around Terraform and allows reusing of Terraform code. It’s an open source project hosted in Github. In this quick start guide, we’ll deploy a simple Terraform code with Terragrunt. We will be reusing the famous terraform-aws-ec2-instance module from Github. Now, let’s start. Download Terragrunt Terragrunt’s latest binaries can be found in […]

Top 5 Must have plugins for any WordPress sites

While creating websites with WordPress is fun, maintaining and securing the site can be a tedious. These 5 WordPress plugins will make your life much simpler and will help you along your WordPress journey. I’m not endorsed by any of these plugin developers. 1. Wordfence WAF Wordfence Web Application Firewall is exactly what it’s name […]

How to Enable HTTP2 on Apache2 Web Server

HTTP2 is a new and improved web technology that allows browsers to make multiple simultaneous calls to a web server. This means web servers that support HTTP2 can accept multiple requests from a same client in parallel. In contrast to HTTP1 this results in much faster page loads and better responsiveness of the website. This […]

What is a Domain Name? Domain Names Explained

A domain name is basically something that you enter on the browser to access a particular website. For example, to access google search you enter google.com on the browser and it takes you to the search engine. In this case google.com is the domain name for Google Search.     If you’re past the tldr […]

Your first new website | A guide for new business owners

So you’ve finally started your new business! You’ve done all the paperwork, setup strategies and goals. If getting a new website isn’t one of your strategies, you might be missing out on a huge market. Whether you decide to get a new website now or sometime down the line, this guide will help you plan […]