Your first new website | A guide for new business owners

So you've finally started your new business! You've done all the paperwork, setup strategies and goals. If getting a new website isn't one of your strategies, you might be missing out on a huge market.

Whether you decide to get a new website now or sometime down the line, this guide will help you plan and make the best of your new digital presence.



Think of a creative domain name for the new website

funny-cat metaphor for a fun website domain name

A domain name is your website's address. The first thing your customers will remember about your website is it's address. If it's too long, for eg., people will easily forget the name and no matter how good of a barber you are, they'll find another place just because they can remember it.

Your website name doesn't necessarily need to match your business name, however it's a bonus if you can creatively mix-match your business name to your website's address. Most importantly, it has to be simple and easy to remember.

Coming up with a creative name is a long process so don't let this stop you from moving forward. You can get a domain name after you've planned your site.

Choose a color scheme and stick to it

random color scheme will confuse your visitors

Your new website's color scheme is your brand. Constantly changing it will confuse your visitors. Decide on a simple and elegant color scheme and stick to it. If you're not sure, get a graphic designer to help you out. Your investment now will go a long way with you.

Start with a single Landing Page

start with a single landing page

From my experience, it is best to start with just one great landing page and gradually keep adding more. This reduces your focus area and helps you optimize your website content more. Once you do a good job of optimizing your layout on this page. You can replicate the same "idea" to further pages.

If you're sure about what you're doing, you can start your new website with up to 4 pages for e.g Home, About, Contact US, FAQ.


Keep it simple and lightweight

keep your layout simple

Don't add too many items (like too many buttons, too many tabs, too many pictures) on your website. Keep it simple and easy to digest. The final goal is to have a message clearly delivered to the visitor or get them to click on a button or fill-out a form.

One example I often see on new websites is a search bar on every page of most new websites. If your website doesn't have hundreds of blog articles then you don't need it. A simple menu will do the job.

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