Dedicated to providing the Best-In-Class service.


Optimized for speed and security.

We do not ship any of our products/services until they pass our rigorous speed and security tests. Period.

Dead simple deployment process.

Deploy your website using a single deployment button. Even better, opt-in for zero-config deployment during signup and you'll have your website ready before you've even registered.

SSL enabled by default.

Our Service is configured to enable SSL to all sites by default. This ensures your information is encrypted from the start.

HTTP2 enabled by default.

HTTP2 is a new web technology that allows web browsers to make multiple simultaneous requests to the server. This results in sites loading multiple times faster.

No resource over-promise.

Despite the popular trend among web hosts, we do not over promise resources to customers.

No dirty marketing or hidden costs.

We do not have any hidden costs. What is advertised on the website is what you pay. We do not aggressively market our services, we believe service quality speaks for themselves.